Monday, November 14, 2011

Hi! Welcome!

You know us as Roger and Deanne (or Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, friend, neighbor, teaching companion, etc.) but we are now Elder and Sister Dixon (Hermana Dixon in Spanish) and for 18 months we'll be serving in the New Jersey Morristown Mission.  (October 2011 to April 2013).

Today we just announced how to find our Mission blog to you, our family and friends.  With the help of our daughter Debi, we have already posted quite a few early entries about receiving our "Call", our preparations, time in the MTC, traveling to New Jersey and getting settled.  In typical blog fashion, everything is in reverse order.  So if you want to read about our mission in proper sequence, you will need to go to the Blog Archive on the right side of this page and click on the earliest posts first.  I expect to add a few photos or comments to some of the entries we have made, since this will be our journal of our memorable experiences.

Thank you for your interest and love.  You are welcome to become a "follower" of this Blog so that you will receive automatic email notifications when we add a new post.  Or you can just occasionally check back if you wish.  We won't be keeping track, but we do hope you will add a comment from time to time.  Thanks for that!

We are grateful for the blessings we are receiving daily and feel this will be a wonderful experience for us.  We hope that the young single adults we serve, who speak Spanish, will also feel that our efforts have blessed their lives.

From Jersey with Love,
Elder and Sister Dixon


  1. Hooray! Can't wait to read/hear about all that your mission has in store for you. New Jersey is lucky to have you!

  2. Just wondering if you need some music for the Season. Medieval American tunes? Celtic/Shaker hymns? If I can locate your address, you are getting them regardless. How is that baking coming along? And the Spanish?? Possibly the Spanish baking? Since you are missionaries I may be forced to give you my salsa recipe. Let us know if you need something. Claude and Marilyn

  3. Celtic/Shaker hymns sounds so appropriate since I'm sure the Celtics had a hand in the Revolution (as fought in NJ) somehow. So how do the Medieval American tunes go? Authentic Celtic/Shaker Salsa! Yum! Yum! Yes! You are the best!