Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in New York City, what can I say?

"New York knows how to throw a party!" says our daughter Debi.  Christmas time is spectatular here.  It's hard to decide which photos show the experience best.   I'll try posting a few videos of the Macy's windows and Rockefeller Square light show in this report.

Here is Elder Dixon waiting at the train station to go spend the day in NYC.
We went to meet other CES missionaries from NY, NJ and PA for a luncheon and Christmas party.  Afterwards our NJ group walked around to see some of the great Christmas sights.  We went to Macy's and enjoyed the incredibly intricate, imaginative and beautiful windows.  I should have done a better job filming but there were LOTS of us with cameras and I didn't want to be in everyone's way.  Here are some favorite shots that just give you a glimpse into what we saw.  THESE ARE VIDEOS, SO PLEASE CLICK ON THE LITTLE ARROW in the lower left corner of each picture.  We will add a couple more of our best today or tomorrow.


More of the magical Macy's Christmas windows.

The Empire State Building in the background. 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Christmas in NYC! There's really no place like the City at Christmastime. Aren't those windows spectacular?