Monday, May 7, 2012

Missionaries--Being One

A poster in the Mission Office quotes one of our beloved prophets, Gordon B. Hinckley

I'm stunned that it has been so long since we posted here!  We'll be more diligent because we know somebody out there wants to hear from us.   

One of our assignments is to visit 6 missionary apartment every 6 weeks to see how the missionaries are doing, whether their apartments are in good order and safe and if they need anything, such as cleaning supplies, furniture or dishes (many items are donated by local members) .  The missionaries are so great and appreciative of all they have.  I’m happy to report that, although modest, they are all clean and neat.  (Of course they know when we are coming!)   Part of our assignment is to make sure that the apartments are bug-free and in good repair.  As we finish I like asking them to tell me something spiritual they have experienced in the last week and they always have some wonderful answers.  They are so happy to find receptive people who want to know about the church.  We took apples, oranges and covered raisins as a treat for them this last week, but as I checked their refrigerators I found apples & oranges were the things they had in greatest supply.  Many of them are well fed by the members in their area.  Next time I'm taking cleaning wipes--a suggestion from the main office--not my idea.   Lets see if that puts a smile on their faces or not!   Actually they may like it because it makes more of their $150/month allotment available for food.

I love this photo of the four beds of the four missionaries in one apartment.  The turquoise spot at the top is a bed in a strange little cubby.  Barely in the photo and hanging on a pipe is an enormous green stuffed turtle, which usually occupies the cubby.  The elder who sleeps in the cubby (who has been here for one week from Mexico) has to climb on the kitchen counter and another elder's bed to get there.  The bed on the floor is a pull-out bed, fortunately.  The elder standing in the middle is 6'6" and never has a bed long enough but "it's all good" he says.  The elders put the beds in this arrangement so that it would free up the bedroom to use as a study area.  Each missionary has his or her own desk for study and personal use.  

We were in the Mission Office last week and I took a snapshot of the mission board.  A photo of each missionary is posted there with a little personal information. I think the orange indicates new missionaries.   Every 6 weeks the mission has "transfer day" when about a third of the missionaries are reassigned to new companions and areas.  It must be quite a job to plan that out for the entire mission.   An advantage that senior missionaries have, according to our daughter Debi, is that they can keep the same companion the whole mission.  I agree!

Roger (Elder Dixon) is pointing to our spot on the mission board.  We're proud to be included there!  On the sofa you can see the mission map, which includes all of New Jersey and part of NY.

Here we are, grateful to be two of the Lord's Missionaries in New Jersey--the best mission!

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  1. I can see you two having a lot of fun with this assignment! Hopefully all of your experiences will be like this one, with the missionaries happily and creatively making the best of their situation.