Sunday, December 30, 2012

Go Tell it on the Mountain!

Our Christmas All-Mission Conference on December 21 was a joy!  

The conference began at 9am with a photo of everyone in our NJ Morristown Mission.
We had a couple hours of sweet testimonies and words of wisdom in the chapel.  Then we went into the cultural hall (that had been previously decorated for a wedding reception) where we were entertained by our Mission President and Sister Jeppson and then Alex Boyes, their son-in-law.  Alex is a member of the Tabernacle Choir and does individual recordings and performances. 

Elder and Sister Dixon at the table watching the musical program.

I have a couple of videos of Alex's performance.   Alex did several serious and gentle Christmas songs and then slipped in a rousing "Go Tell it on the Mountain."  I've done a miserable filming job...but it will give you an idea of the fun we were having.   

Alex Boyes invited the "brothers" to come up and do the moves with him as he sang.  (He pointed out that we are all brothers and sisters, but these are "Brothers! You know what I mean?')  There was another Bro who was sick and not present.  The Elder on the left felt at a disadvantage because he is a new missionary from Mozambique and doesn't know the American moves.  Nevertheless, he did a great job.  He told me afterward that he was pretty nervous.  

So here is my sorry filming.  I wish I had gotten the entire song.  

Alex did several tender performances too, such as "Mary, did you know?" and "I know that my Redeemer Lives."  

See <> (for a video about Alex).

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