Monday, March 25, 2013


Our Granddaughter, Cassy,

addresses an envelope at school,

folds up "Flat Stanley" and sends him to us!

We decided to "take him on a mission".

If you don't know who Flat Stanley is, ask a 1st grader.  I haven't read the book but this is what I understand:  Stanley was a normal little boy who went to school and had a bulletin board fall on him making him flat.  Now he can be folded up and mailed by the student in an envelope anywhere.  The recipient of the envelope is to take photos of Flat Stanley having adventures in the new environment and mail them back to the sender along with Stanley and treats for the class.  The goal is for the child to learn how to address an envelope and to learn about different places on a map.

With the assistance of Photoshop, here is some of what Flat Stanley experienced on a mission in New Jersey:

A view of Philadelphia, PA

Members of our Institutes in Union City, New Brunswick and Eatontown, plus some adult ward members go on a bus trip for an amazing experience at the Washington DC Temple.

The Sacred Grove in Palmyra.  We have just heard an inspiring talk by the local Mission President.

The damage caused by Super Hurricane Sandy is tragic.

NYC skyline from Ellis Island

The Aquarium in Camden, NJ, provided some pretty awesome photos.

Stanley meets one of our awesome training missionaries, Elder Wells.  Stanley is proudly wearing a mission badge too.

The first day in Jersey, Stanley went to Transfer Conference where the missionaries meet their new companions for the next 6 weeks or so.  In this conference we said goodbye to 5 missionaries who have finished their missions and greeted 24 new missionaries.  The conference is full of energy: missionaries are leaving with a mix of sorrow and joy, new missionaries are wondering "What am I doing here?"  or "I can't wait to get started!"  Trainers (experienced missionaries) are thinking "I hope I can help this new one feel the spirit, enjoy the service and make the most of his or her mission. "

Stanley hangs out with Elders Stanley, Smith and departing Archibald.

Even our Mission Mom, Sister Jeppson, knows all about Flat Stanley and joins the fun.

Fourteen-year-old Jonathan just magically appears at the end of our Institute lessons in Union City and offers to help take our things to the car.  I have a box of supplies:  paper plates, napkins, utensils, a pitcher of lemon flavored water, table cloth and treats for the night.

Some of our New Brunswick.  Guillermo on the right is a new convert.  Libi in the center is a convert and a returned missionary who served in Arizona.  Magali on the left comes from a Mormon family.

Stanley wants to learn how to do his Family History.  We have  YSA who come early to church so that they can  discover their ancestors through,, and other Internet programs available at the Family History Centers.

Stanley meets Brother Corbin (in the center) who is the head of the Church's Public Relations Department
 in NYC and to the UN.  

Elder Dixon poses with a photo of Stanley before entering to do service in the Manhattan Temple

Brother Corbin, is an amazing servant of the Lord with great experiences to share.
He is also Stake President in the Cherry Hills, NJ Stake near Philadelphia.

Lincoln Center, across the street from the Temple

The famous Magnolia Bakery in NYC.  Sister Dixon celebrates her birthday with a gift certificate from
the CES program.  She shares the goodies with the group because she's a missionary.

Spraying a missionary's bed for possible bedbugs.  

Missionaries called to teach in Spanish.  (New one on the right).

Missionaries teaching in English.  New one on the left.)

Photoshop brings Stanley to the Statue of Liberty

The Rockefeller tower rises into the clouds.  Guess that's why it's called a  Sky Scraper?

Our missionaries in the Elizabeth area like to drop in for the lessons and maybe for the food.  The students here for the photo are Belyruth and Cinthia in the back and Nefi and Cesar in the front.  The girls plan to go on missions this year.

Through Cassy's Flat Stanley project we were able to pull together some of our favorite memories of the mission.  Thanks Cassy!  Your candy is on it's way!


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