Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mission Decision

This question from my cousin Alva offers a fresh perspective...

How did the decision come about that you guys are going? did you put in for the challenge? my hat is off to you. and as they say "the best is yet to come". even though I don't write I think of you so very often too. Love you, Alva
Hi Alva,
I've wanted to go on a mission "someday" since I was a college student.  Rog and I have been talking about it for a long time and finally said this is the time to do it.  We told our local Bishop that we would like to go and he set the steps in motion.  It's not hard to be accepted, since there are so many ways one can serve that I can't think of an offer being turned down.  We left it open as to where and when we would go and what we'd do.  (We said any time after the end of Sept.)   The assignment letter from the church president (Prophet) is referred to as a "calling".  We had the family over to watch the letter opening and to find out at the same time we did where we would go.  (It could have been anywhere in the world, doing just about anything, including humanitarian service.)  Sounds like I should address this on my blog.  
Thanks for writing.  
Love you lots!  Deanne

P.S.  I'd like to add that last spring we heard a talk at church in which the speaker encouraged senior members to go on a mission.   As Roger listened it seemed that the speaker was talking directly to him and he felt impressed that now is the time. 

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