Thursday, September 1, 2011

Waiting for the Call

We got a phone call at 7:45 this morning from the postal lady who delivers our mail.  She said, "We have a special letter here for Elder and Sister Dixon.  Would you like to come pick it up or shall I deliver it?  And congratulations!"    Ahhh, Utah!   

So now she's 38.5 minutes late, but who's counting?

In the meantime, we sent an email to our immediate family inviting them to join us in person or by telephone or Skype for the grand opening and asking for their predictions of where we will be call to serve.   Here are their responses:

Dan:  Dad talked about getting together around 7.  Jeff and I will be with Sienna and Ella this afternoon, can you wait until say 7:30?

Liz:  WOOHOO!!! I guess Paraguay...
We are available ANY TIME tonight. The kids have exactly NO activities today…rare and special occasion!! Can’t wait to share in your rare and special occasion!!!
“There are few times in your lives when you will enjoy the sweet spirit and satisfaction that come from giving full-time service together in the work of the Master.” ~Thomas S. Monson
Thanks, Rog and Deanne, for setting the best example for your children and grandchildren. You are truly exceptional people!

Deanne: What more can I say?

Holly:  Having grown up in Utah, we always got a phone call the morning a mission call came. I love that.  Unfortunately I will be at gourmet club tonight, but if I know the time you are opening it I will try to call Dan. 
My guess is...North Dakota. :) Either that or somewhere in South America. I can't wait to find out!!!     Ditto to what Liz said about you guys being such great examples to us all. We love you! 

Jen: If you go stateside, Georgia. If foreign, Chile. Where I WANT you to go is Spain, but that's for purely selfish reasons. ;)

Liz:  Are you gonna steam it open??

Deanne:  Roger might!
Thea:  Awe... very exciting news.  We'd like to come there for the 'grand opening' of your letter.   We could come earlier [5 or so]  and have a little celebration dinner someplace with you..  and catch up on OUR recent trips!  Are you really going to wait til tonite to open it? !!!!   I don't have any predictions.. just hoping for something!!  Please let us know what's up..

Debi:  Panama! Or somewhere in the south pacific!

We'll be ready, 6:30 our time. Jared will be working in Bakersfield but the twins and I would love to skype. Can't wait!!

That's really cute that the postal workers call. Why shouldn't they be in on the fun? Good job, Utah.

Eric: I'm guessing it is a rejection letter. ;)


Dan: Detroit

Dan:  Wait you guys are going on a mission???  Since when?  I thought this was about a cruise you might take.  Why am I the last to know everything?

Eric:    A mission?  I thought Dad said he was going fishin.  Now it makes more sense why he keeps talking about being "fishers of men".

Liz: The older Roger’s boys get, the more like him they become... and that’s a GOOD thing :)

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