Saturday, November 3, 2012

What's happening from our view

What's happening in NJ from our point of view: We've heard from many of our Institute kids and they are fine although some just got power today. The branch president is still w/o power and yet has extra people staying at his home. Church has been cancelled for tomorrow in our building because it is still without power and there is a travel restriction in the area. Amazingly, church in Toms River can be held, even though Toms River is near the coast and was hit hard.  Other local churches are just having a testimony meeting.  The major problem is the number of downed trees that take power lines or structures with them.  Restoring power sometimes means fixing connections to each home.  There are a LOT of big leafy trees here!

 Gas is being rationed. One student spent 3.5 hours in a gas line this morning then found the station was out of gas. He then spent 1.5 hrs in another line and was 3 from the front when he called. Hope he made it!  Many people have been offering help from VA to Toronto to PA. Guess the heavy lifting work needs to be done first. Lots of power lines are still down and dangerous. People are reaching out to help neighbors. Personally, Roger and I are grateful for our blessings: the lights are on, the laundry is done, stove works and we have homemade bran muffins and enchiladas, a hot shower, we have phone service and can use the Internet, the furnace is on. These and many more great conveniences are but a dream and a memory for many people here.

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