Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goings and Not Goings

The missionaries were all taken to inland secure locations and are all "OK" ;)

We weren't prepared for everything.  Rog went out to buy Halloween candy this morning but couldn't get through.  Henderson Road was blocked at Route 27 because of a downed power pole and lines.  The traffic lights on the larger main road (Route 1) are out and the traffic was heavy going south, away from NYC.  He noticed a few downed trees.

There are long lines at the gas stations that are open.  Some stations are not.  We're glad we have a full tank of gas, but we got a call from a friend about 30 minutes east of us who is looking for a gas station.  We told him not to come here.

Personally we are gratefully comfortable here.  The tragedy in NJ and NYC is beyond description.

We've had 4 meetings cancelled in the last 2 days.

I just heard that Halloween has been postponed until Monday.  Good decision!

Love to all,
Elder & Sister Dixon

Tuesday's Elizabeth Institute was cancelled.

Wednesday's Institute in Union City was cancelled.

Wednesday's CES Inservice (and luncheon) was cancelled.
Tuesday's district meeting with a small unit of missionaries was cancelled.

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