Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Super Heroes

We are blessed in America to have such great first responders.  It's just amazing how they pitch in to help everyone in need.  I'm grateful for all the government support that has been in play before, during Sandy and will continue to be necessary in the weeks to come.  We live in a blessed land with great, unselfish people in a time of crisis.

I noticed that the dock we stood on to watch the 4th of July fireworks was in the news coverage today as they reviewed the flood damage to Hoboken, NJ.  You can see the same angles in my photos posted in my report on the 4th.  We've also developed strong ties to many other parts of the state including:  Union City where we teach one of our classes,  Tom's River where we go to district meetings with the missionaries, Point Pleasant where our student Cristina lives, and of course New York City where we love to visit using the train, bridges and subways.

Don't expect calls or text messages from me.  I've received some texts but when I tried to send out responses this morning they failed.  Rog texted Eric last night at 6:30 pm saying the power went out and then texted him this morning at 10 am saying the power was on.  Unfortunately, we think the texts were delivered to him in reverse order.

We are so grateful for our comfort and safety at this time!  We have power, heat, gas for cooking and water.  I'm deeply appreciative for each one of those comforts. 

I look out my window and I can see a family trying to fly kites.   I guess I'd have to call those parents Super Heroes because they took this time they have off (most work places have been closed) to play with their children.  What a contrast this sight is to the devastation we see on TV in many other parts of NJ, the eastern states and along the shore, just an hour north, east and south of us.  I can't imagine how much suffering there is going on as a result of Sandy!  May God bless them all.
NJ family flying kites after "Sandy", 10-30-12, 3:30pm.
If you are curious to know where we live, look at a map of NJ and notice the deep notches on the west (near Trenton) and the east (near Perth Amboy).  Draw a line between those two spots and we are pretty much in the middle, between those points along Route 1. 

Thank you for all your interest and prayers.  We felt calm and we are grateful.

Con carino, los Dixon

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