Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Senior Missionaries

We have a "Senior Couple Home Evening" at the Mission Home about once a month.  Our amazing mission President and his wife are fun to be with.

Back Row, left to right:  Sister and President Jeppson (Se is responsible for the health,  well being,  and mission social activities of the 152 young missionaries, and the 20 or so senior missionaries.  She also maintains the mission home to receive new missionaries and visiting church authorities and participates at eventsf.)  (President Jeppson supervises the entire mission program, including making assignments, supervising the office and participating at speaking events);  
Sister and Elder Butterfield (from Pocallo, ID, in charge of half the Missionary apartments and furnishings, making sure they are clean, safe and functional);  
Elder Anderson (from ?, The Andersons work in the mission office);  
Elder Christiansen (from Lehi, the Christiansens work in office as fleet coordinators, keeping 70 cars repaired and assigned.); 
Elder Packer (from AZ, the Packers worked in the mission office.  He was the accountant, they just finished their mission);  
Elder Webster (from Rexburg are in charge of the missionary apartments in the north);  
Elder Clarke (newly arrived from New Jersey, serves as an MLS missionary and is in the branch presidency where he serves);  
Elder and Sister Dixon (that's us.  We're CES missionaries, we also serve in the temple on Tuesdays, Elder Dixon is in the EBYSA branch presidency, and we just started inspecting 6 missionary apartments every 6 weeks);  
Sister Christiansen,  
Sister Anderson, and  
Sister Phillips (from Idaho Falls, She and Elder Phillips who was home sick are CES missionaries.)
Front Row, left to right are Sister Goodwin (of South Jordan, UT, is--shhh--80 years young this year.  This is her fourth mission.  She is a CES missionary working with the Pathway Program for students earning college credit from BYUI online);  
Sister Clarke,  
Sister Packer, 
Sister Wesbter and  
Sister Smith (a neighbor of Sister Goodwin's from South Jordan, sharing the same assignment.)
Also working with us but not pictured were  Elder and Sister Sierer (from St. George, they are CES missionaries, he serves in the EBYSA branch presidency, they give support to local youth and they inspect missionary apartments.)

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