Monday, October 29, 2012


Sandy is going to be beyond description...epic.  We are watching the weather channel and news frequently.  FYI: Last year Halloween was cancelled in NJ because of the millions of trees downed and power out because of the devastating rare early snow storm.

Elder Dixon and I are all settled in our apartment ready to endure a long rainstorm with heavy winds and no electricity.  We have extra water in the freezer, frig and garbage cans in the bathtub.

Food is fine.   Flashlights, check.  Batteries, check.  Candles, check.  Extra blanket, check.  Charged cell phones, check.  Laundry done. 

Sister Bjorn lives just 3 blocks from us and we are coordinating our Sandy survival efforts.  Her companion got seriously ill and had to return home.  We're keeping track of her until she gets another companion.  Any volunteers out there?   

The rain is pretty steady and the wind is gusting.  The temperature is still mild.

We were asked to go help at a shelter to help overnight with the children from Atlantic City area, but we can't because we are on the wrong side of the Raritan River.  There are already roads closed between us and the shelter mentioned.  So now we are still at home.  We expect to help with Mormon Helping Hands when the storm is over.

 I'm going to go cook some food  now to have for tomorrow.

Rog is going to start calling the young missionaries in our zone to see how they are doing.

Here are some photos I took in Aug. of places that I am concern about with the amazing water surge they are predicting.   All of these look very close to the water to me.

Lower Manhattan
Ellis Island
 The following are shots taken on our trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty:
Dock on NJ side where we board a boat to go tour Ellis and the Statue.

You can see the new World Trade Center in the background in NYC in the background:

Below is the Jersey Shore taken in Aug during a YSA beach party.
Looks peaceful!  It's east of Long Branch, NJ.
Beviblierka (Libi), a friend and Nefi

Deanne and YSA friends on the Jersey Shore.

Part of the YSA group at the beach.  Rog in stripes, Deanne in white.  Buddy Carlos in wheel chair.  A peaceful day at the Jersey Shore. 

Catch you all up later!  Love to all.  Elder & Sister Dixon, October 29th, 2012.   Frankenstorm.

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