Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Making of Missionaries

We were having a conversation with another couple and someone said, if God wanted to set up an amazing system in which He would prepare missionaries to go out into the world to preach His Gospel, this would be just the place.  It is so well organized it just amazes us, including the system of feeding the young missionaries with everything they would want plus lots of nutritious choices.  I want to tell Grant that he will like it here.  An Elder could even eat cold cereal and fresh fruit 3 times a day if he wished.  Some Elders walk to their tables with two plates full of food and three glasses of milk, plus side dishes and desserts on their tray.  I heard one Elder say, "I don't know what it is but it's food and I'm going to eat it!"  Maybe that's why some missionaries gain spiritually and physically at the MTC.

This is just a small portion of the cafeteria.  And more missionaries come in at later times. 

They also have a small army of outstanding returned missionaries that do a lot of the proselyting instructions and language tutorials.  They have every minute planned with specific activities to keep it interesting and rewarding.  They pull a lot of personal stories out of the participants that enrich our classes.  
In one class discussion we discussed how we can be of service to the local ward or branch, in addition to our specific calling, especially when it seems like our spouse has the primary skills needed for the assignment  (ie: Roger & me).   I offered an example of Debi in NYC.  I told them her experience with twin babies and her struggle to attend and stay at church while Jared served in the Bishopric.  I reported that she felt the Senior Missionaries were like angels helping her in church with the twins.  One of the sisters in our MTC group said, "I can do that!"  

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