Saturday, October 8, 2011

Senior Missionaries

The young missionaries are well aware that we have phones.  Danny VanWagoner was helping me with mine and said he hadn't even held one for a month.  Ah, the sacrifice these kids make to serve.
Here is an interesting tidbit:  our "class" of senior missionaries may be the largest they have ever had yet.  Several speakers mentioned the missionary-motivational talk that Elder Holland gave during Priesthood last Saturday night and joked that we were sure quick to follow the admonition by the following Monday.  
Last night was a Senior Missionaries Testimony Meeting for just those who were learning a foreign language.  Every one of us got up and bore our testimony in our "mission language".  Here are the missions represented in that meeting, although I may not be saying the names properly:  Moscow Russia West; Philippines (Tagala); Madrid Spain/Canary Islands; another Madrid Spain; Czech/Prague; Mongolia (it could have been me!); Mexico Montery West; Cambodia; Albania; Russia Moscow East; Franco Germany Office; Tonga; Italy Rome (setting up a YSA Center); New Jersey CES Spanish.

Our MTC District

Recounting Deanne's testimony in her words:  "I mentioned that I learned the difference between "estoy" and "soy", although both of them mean "I am."  I learned that "estoy" is used for a temporary state of being, such as being in the MTC and "soy" could be used for a permanent characteristic or occupation,etc.  Therefore "Yo soy misionera (permanently)."  And "Yo soy representante de Jesucristo (permanently)."  At the time I expressed that understanding it touched me as deeply as anything I had yet heard or felt in the MTC and I realized that the Lord wants me to be His Representative in a special way all my life.  I commit to doing that to the best of my ability.  We have been counseled to continue to increase our ability to speak the new language so that we can use it again in the service of the Lord."

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