Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweet Day

I felt a little sentimental as we left the MTC tonight.  We attended a devotional in which Julie Beck, Relief Society President spoke.  It was well done, inspiring and contained a good message for missionaries going into the unknown.  Also inspiring was the beautiful choir of missionaries singing "Where Can I Turn for Peace" in tender harmony.  As the entire audience of 2500 or more sang the closing song I just wished I could bottle that moment up like perfume and take it with me to enjoy a touch everyday.  
Tomorrow we spend our last few hours there and then come home around 1 or 2 to do the serious packing into the car....at which time we find out what are real priorities.   Thea and Larry will join us in the afternoon and we will take them out to eat their belated birthday dinner.  We plan to leave early Thursday.  There are loose ends that we may never quite tie up...oh well, sometimes that happens.  Dad and I are ready to go out there and start working.  We plan to stop in Cincinnati on Saturday night and stay a day to visit my four half-sisters who live around there.  (That would be Sandie, Annette, Shari and Linda).  We expect to report to the Mission President & CES Director on Tuesday.
Talk about bad timing:  our KeepSee boxes will be manufactured in just a day or two...probably as we drive away.  I hope to see them in NJ before too long!  In my absence, Jeff, Debi, Paul, Calvin and Ashley will run the company.  We have an awesome and talented team and I wish them well!
Please give our grandchildren another hug from us and tell them we love them.  Also...please measure their height asap and report it to me.  I want to have them entered on our height chart in the kitchen so that we can measure how much they grow while we are gone.  

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