Friday, October 21, 2011

Settling In

(This is an email sent to our family about 3 days after we arrived.)

Hi Everybody. Thanks for your notes and love. We have settled into our little apartment and are quite comfortable in 650 sq ft. Not having a lot of toys helps a lot. This is a modest but nice apartment complex. We've seen mostly people of Indian descent, who have been pleasant. They sure have beautiful children. The night we moved in two ladies called across the parking lot and said, hello, are you new? They walked closer then one saw my badge in the dim light and exclaimed, Missionaries!!!  She gave me a hug! They are the only LDS in miles.  Melissa lives only 4 doors down and her mom Margaret, is in a nearby community.

We've had a day of full on rain and days of overcast clouds with some patches of beautiful blue skies. Autumn colors seem in the early stage and so gorgeous.
Our door is the fourth from the left, in front of the white car (not ours).  Most of the cars in this development look new and nice. 
 This photo is taken off our front porch, looking in the opposite direction from the above photo.  We live in the Royal Oaks complex.  We estimate there are approximately 840 apartments similar to ours.  
This is the view from our back sliding glass door.  Straight ahead is a tennis court and basketball court where we frequently see pick-up games played as seen in this photo.  To the far left is children's play equipment and our development's recreation center -- definitely within walking distance.  It has a small fitness room (which we use regularly) a pool and a party room.
We teach our first Institute class in Spanish on Sunday at 12:30 after church. We hear the "kids" (Young Single Adults) are excited to have us come and are spreading the word. We replace the Hatches, a couple that finished 6 months ago. I'll make Thea's recipe for a Pumpkin Pie Sheet Cake with Carmel Frosting. All suggestions for snacks and treats will be WELCOME! I brought no recipes.....I've got you!

FYI, we don't have internet hooked up yet. Maybe tomorrow. This smart phone is a blessing, but awkward for long messages.

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  1. Bah! I can't believe you are going to the Cloisters already... That's like 2 steps (okay, 2 miles) from where we lived in the city, just 4 months ago. We went there all the time! Would have been fun to meet you there...

    What a neat welcome to get from your LDS neighbors. I'm sure all your neighbors will get to know and love you soon! Lucky them. :)