Saturday, October 8, 2011

The MTC Experience

The MTC experience has been really great.  We have met so many fun and interesting people, including a cousin from the Bagley side of the family who is going to the Dallas Texas Spanish-speaking Mission and another cousin (much younger) who is from the Hale side of the family.  She is an MTC instructor.  Members of our group are going to about 50 different missions and 20 to 25 of the couples are assigned to learn foreign languages, including, Russian, Czech, Albanian, Spanish, Tagalog, Cebu, Italian, Spanish, Mongolian and more.  In some cases, the brothers already speak the language and their wives must learn; in most cases, neither of the couple speaks the assigned language.  We have learned a lot and are ready to go forth and serve as best we can.

With Elder Bagley, third cousin once removed

It turns out that the number of senior missionaries is up by 20% over last year and our group is the largest group of senior missionaries the MTC has ever had (49 couples and 4 single sisters), a total of 102.  We have met an elder from Honduras assigned to London; an elder from Spain assigned to Nevada; an elder from Tahiti assigned to Louisiana; an elder from the Dominican Republic assigned to Chicago; an elder from Mexico assigned to California; and an elder from Portugal assigned to Nevada.  Now, that is a real cultural exchange!

Classic MTC photo with our district


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